In the name of God, the Compasionate, the Merciful

The New Mexico Muslim Women’s Association
announces our
18th Muslim Women’s Retreat

Mission: The New Mexico Muslim Women’s Association acknowledges that as a group we come together in an open forum for the purpose of exchanging ideas and discussing issues concerning Islam and Muslims. We use as our main points of guidance the Holy Quran and the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Women of all faiths are welcome.

The Program
InshaAllah , our 18th retreat will be held September 20-22, 2013, at Dar-al-Islam. The spectacular scenery and penetrating silence of this spiritual place provides a perfect setting for prayer, study, meditation and fellowship.

We continue our journey this year with Dr. Safiya Samman. She will help us to expand our knowledge of Islam with our sisters and help us continue the journey as women of influence with a positive impact in our world.
In addition to stimulating lectures and communal prayers, there will be gourmet food, an art project, hikes, quiet times, a souk and laughter in the company of a wonderful group of women.

Who should attend?
Women , ages 12 and older, who are interested in spiritual renewal and enrichment from an Islamic perspective are invited to join the retreat.

Our Speaker
Dr. Safiya Samman is a life member of Muslim Association of Virginia, and the Chair for Sister’s Affairs Committee.
Her Islamic Studies Include Quran and Shariah at the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America, a satellite campus of Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University, and Quran and Shariah intensive studies with Al-Azhar scholar Shiekh Ahmed Khairat for 2 years.

Her Islamic education began at an early age where she studied with a female scholar in an after school program.
Dr. Samman holds a certificate for teaching Tajwied (Ijaza) from SeikhMuhammed ar-Raee.
Dr. Samman recently retired from US Forest Service where she was Director of Conservation Education for the last 7 years. She received her PhD in 1979 and has 30 years of experience working in the field of natural resources.

Dr. Samman was the head of Botany Department in King Saud University from 1983-1988. She studied the science of Tajweed while working in Saudi Arabia.
Her interests include enhancing knowledge of Shariah and Quran among women and young adults and working to bring an understanding of how Islam empowers women to be active contributors in society. She started Islamic weekend schools in CA and in Virginia, and conducts halaqas to sisters and their daughters weekly.


Friday: September 20, 20133
4:00 PM Check-in begins
6:00 Dinner
7:05 Adthan/ Prayer (Magrib)
7:15 Welcome
8:15 Adthan / Prayer (Isha)
9:00 Games planned by Sister Fatma

Saturday: September 21, 2013
5:45 Adthan / Prayer (Fajr)
6:15 Pack picnic breakfasts
6:45 Gather for Guided Hike (bring Quran and breakfast) Reading passages will be provided for those who cannot hike.
9:00 Return from Hike
10:00 Lecture: The Green Deen
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Adthan / Prayer (Duhr)
2:00 Guided Art Project
4:30 Adthan / Prayer (Asr)
4:45 Young Women with speaker
6:00 Dinner
7:05 Adthan / Prayer (Magrib)
8:15 Adthan / Prayer (Isha)
8:45 Souk
9:45 Optional full moon walk

Sunday: September 22, 2013
6:00 Adthan / Prayer
6:30 Optional Guided Walk
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Lecture: Quranic Reflections on Salah
11:30 Lunch 
1:00 Adthan / Prayer (Duhr)
1:30 Everyone helps to restore the facility
2:00 Meet at the west (main) mosque door for group photos
2:30 Departure

Registrstion and Fees
Registration closes September 10, 2013
Registration Fee Adult $ 185 /$160 with early discount
Youth in school, ages 12-21 $135 / $110 with early discount
Seniors (65 +) $135 / $110 with early discount
The discount of $25 applies when your check is postmarked by August 10, 2013.
Scholarships depend on donations. Please add to our scholarship fund if you can and contact us if you need a partial scholarship to attend.
Accommodations are in shared dormitory rooms, with bunk beds. Think summer camp.
A list of suggested supplies and map will be included in your confirmation package, to be mailed by September 10.

For more information and details about this spiritual weekend contact Sister Nadina @ (505) 685-4673 or e-mail

Registration forms:

.doc format
.pdf format

Please send completed form and signed waiver with payment made payable to:

Nadina Barnes
PO Box 146,
Abiquiu, NM 87510

Call (505) 685-4673
or e-mail: